Our Nursery room caters for children aged 2 -5 years.

Our large, open space provides children with a beautiful, light and spacious room with free-flow access to the outdoors as well as resources, equipment and materials to stimulate and support early learning, creativity and curiosity. The layout of the room enables children to move around freely from area to area accessing the many activities provided throughout the session. Resources and equipment are presented at the children’s level giving children the opportunities to be able to make their own choices and develop independence skills.

Focussing on children’s own interests and ideas, whether this is superheroes, puddles, dinosaurs, shadows or mini-beasts, learning in this room is based on a flexible and responsive curriculum. Early literacy skills are well supported by practitioners having sound understanding of the process children go through in acquiring these skills.

With our half termly topics and daily activities planned around the Early Years Foundation Stage, our staff team provide stimulating and educational activities for your child, encouraging learning through play to help them achieve their early learning goals.

Our team within the room are on hand to support and encourage developing independence skills through daily routines, recognition of their name, and participating in small and large group activities such as circle times, story, singing times and group games which will help your child build confidence and relationships with both peers and carers.

Children have access to plenty of outdoor activities both in our nursery garden to develop physical skills and on outside visits within the local community including trips to the local library, parks and to local shops to enhance the knowledge of their environment.

This broad age range sees children develop through a number of important stages; staff are ready to help support parents with children’s development, working in partnership to implement toilet training and reduce sleep times for example. Promoting and encouraging self-care skills continues with this age group, as children are encouraged to brush their teeth after meal times and begin to wash faces and hands independently.

“Here at Birch Grove, I have had 4 children attend. The nursery is very good at getting the children ready for school. My children always come home from nursery with smiles and full tummies very, they offer a good range of foods... x”

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