Baby Room

Our Baby Room caters for babies aged 3 months to 2 years, looked after by our two full-time staff members.

Following the Early Years Foundation Stage, we offer a home from home environment providing a caring, loving place for babies to develop and grow. Our experienced staff members plan and carry out a range of stimulating sensory and messy play activities such as paint, jelly, gloop and mashed potato for learning and developing through play. Our Babies also enjoy spending time in our Sensory Room exploring the colourful bubble tube, fibre optic lights, texture baskets and the sensory light panel.

The team work closely with parents and carers, following routines established at home to ensure each child is happy and confident within their environment. Each child is assigned a key person who is responsible for the individual needs of a small group of children and who will carefully plan for and monitor their development through a range of age appropriate activities.

Within this age group children start to communicate in a range of different ways to make their needs and wants known to the adults caring for them. Our experienced team use a range of different activities and strategies to support developing communication skills, for example Makaton signs are taught through the nursery to encourage communication, particularly with pre-verbal children.

Meal times are an important time of the day where children are encouraged to develop their social skills through communication and independence, serving and feeding themselves. We also introduce hygiene as they help their carers to wash their hands and faces before and after meal times.

Outdoor learning is catered for by regular outings in the local community along with use of our Baby Garden, a safe space within our larger outdoor area where we have equipment and activities to stimulate the development of your baby.

“Here at Birch Grove, I have had 4 children attend. The nursery is very good at getting the children ready for school. My children always come home from nursery with smiles and full tummies very, they offer a good range of foods... x”

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